• Celebrating 10 Years of Fellowship in Faith.

    Since 2005 New Life has been touching lives by sharing the love of Christ in Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Bengal.

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    Prayer Warriors intercede day and night for the numerous prayer requests that come in. We also stand in the gap and intercede for the nation and the state .

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  • The Mission of our Foundation

    is "To Help Others Experience the joy of Christ through Love, Care and Generosity.

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New Life Church

We are called to let the world know the Love of Christ, New Life Church emphasizes the need for a loving community church to raise up strong believers of Christ.

New Life Prayer Tower

Our Prayer Towers are spread across the country in divisions of cells groups that join ever week to intercede for the requests, Our 24 hour prayer tower help-line is always open to hear your requests

New Life Children Home

We are called to empower the needy children, for the past 10 years our Homes have been showcasing the love of Christ and empowering the orphaned, abandoned and needy poor children Caring and Educating them

New Life Academy

Our Vision here is to build a strong younger generation with a sound body and a well-trained mind with good habits and accomplishments conductive to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality.

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Most of our projects and children depend on generous donation from people like you to make a difference in their lives. If you are in a well settled job please take this as commitment to "Pay it Forward" by helping one child at a time. Your Sponsorship may provide: - Food/Shelter - In many cases, your sponsorship is the primary source of funding for the child's food and shelter. Clothing - A continual assessment is made of the child's basic physical needs, and the child is regularly provided with necessary items such as clothing, shoes, and hygiene supplies; such items are chosen individually for each child, based on their needs and personalities, and presented in the name of their sponsor. School Fees, Supplies, and Tutoring - Sponsorship funds may provide the child with textbooks, uniforms, school supplies, and tutors, as needed throughout the year. Medical - Sponsor funds may be utilized to cover the costs of medical examinations, prescription and general medications, eye glasses, dental work, transportation to/from the doctor, and even special dietary needs. Unfortunately, without sponsorship funds, these needs are not adequately met. Enrichment Activities - In an effort to allow the child the opportunity of exploring and pursuing his/her talents, interests, and native culture, sponsorship funds may allow the child to enter art, music, dance, computer, language, and sport schools/lessons, where these are available. Children are also able to take part in historical, cultural, educational, and recreational excursions. Gifts - Without sponsors, the children often receive neither gifts nor recognition on their birthday or other special occasions. Sponsorship makes their birthday a fun and very special occasion for the child! Learn More

  • Intergrated

    This kind of sponsorship includes providing for a child the basic necessities like food clothing health care and education. Here you can choose a boy or a girl to support for a year and your support would ensure that for that a child is provided for a full year.
    1440 Basic Necessities Education
  • Residential

    Your support will provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, recreational amenities, counselling, formal/vocational education and latent talent development to a child who has been rescued off the streets, railway platform or a negative child of HIV +ive parent, child from a broken or dysfunctional family. These children are being emotionally and socially rehabilitated,.
    1700 Basic Necessities Education Special Counselling
  • Full Sponsorship

    Select one boy or girl and for the period that the child is at the Home you will be their sponsor to help provide for all their needs . This also enables you to have a one on one relationship with your sponsored child, and share letters, receive photos and updates on a regular basis.
    2500 Personal Relation Regular Updates Share Letters Special Trainings
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I am thankful to the Lord for bringing me to New Life Children Home, before I came here I was working in a house, there they used to ill treat me and beat me, I had a younger brother named Suniram and we both used to stay in a dark room, no fans, lights or windows sometimes we used to go to sleep without food, I used to do all the house work and even cook the food, but they used to beat me with sticks, pipes, and utensils. One day a man called Chunnu came into the house and seen my condition He was very sorry for me and took me and my brother away from there, He brought me to this New Life Children Home, at first I thought he has brought me to a different place to work but then I seen so many children here like me they have also had bad times, at first I used to stay in the room only and was scared to come out, but them PAPA here came and spoke very nicely to me, our PAPA here was a very tall man I have not seen tall people before, he was very kind to me and my brother, he gave us clothes, and toothbrush, soap and he used to give my little brother a bath because he used to have a lot of wounds, he used to bandage the wounds, we were also give a bed to sleep and a blanket, it was the first time that I ever slept in a bed, and I have always used to sleep on the floor and covered myself with a rice bag even when it was very cold, here at New Life Children Home, I have come to know that I do not have to work to get my food, but still after all that PAPA has done for me I feel very obliged to return the favor like other children we try our best to help our PAPA, we help in the garden to grow vegetables, we help keep the home clean, we also help PAPA take care of the small children by teaching them how to take a bath and brush their teeth, just like how PAPA taught us. PAPA has put us all in teams and we have to look out for our team members, if they doing anything wrong we should tell them not to do it. I am very happy that here I have also come to know about Jesus, and that because Jesus loves our PAPA he shares that love with us and that is why Jesus blesses him more, I have learnt alot from my PAPA even though he is not my real father he has done more than what anyone has done for me and my brother. When I grow up I want to earn a lot of money so that I can help my PAPA with his work. I am so happy that Jesus has brought me here, I have not fallen sick in the past year, I am studing in an English Medium School, and I can speak English also, but just a little, I am trying hard in school to get good marks. I pray every day for all those who support my PAPA financially and blessing him to bless us. (As told by Anjusila to a New Life Counselor who translated and edited the above)

News & Updates

Stay tuned with our latest news and updated that show you on a weekly basis all the happening at Our Church, Homes, School etc. More News and Updates

Investiture Ceremony at New Life Academy

New Life Academy conducted its Investiture Ceremony on the 13th of July 2015, this ceremony was held to install school leaders and prefects. the program started with the welcome prayer by Mrs. Violet Hembrom, followed by the Welcome message by the Prinicpal Mrs. D. Thapa

Current Fund Raising

We are currently raising funds to add another floor to the school building enabling us to have more classes. We would love for you to be a part of this project and enable us to provide proper facilities to the children/p>

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A Testimony is a spritual witness given to showcase what the Lord has done for you, Our Mission is a living testimony and our works guided by the Holy Spirit Send in your Testimony